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Presentation Multimedia Solutions
Effective, Immersive Impact on the Audience

Multimedia Development

A multimedia solution may be utilised not only to make an impact but also reduce costs in that a standard can DVD store a large variety and amount of information e.g. company brochures, video, photographs, audio and product demonstration.

CBT - Computer Based Training

CD & DVD Business Card

DVD Development

Interactive Terminals/Kiosks

Visual & Corporate Presentations

Launching a New Product
or Service

The cost and expense involved in the development and marketing of a new product or service can be very expensive. Through the application of various internet and multimedia solutions and services, MC Squared can help in the acceleration and promotion of a new product or service to a specific target market or a more generic customer base -

Launching a New Product/Service ?

MC2 New Media - Corporate Multimedia Presentations

Have you ever experienced 'death by powerpoint' - endless, badly developed, repetitive, boring, dull powerpoint presentations with more transitions than paragraphs?

Come to think of it have you ever been guilty of committing death by powerpoint?
And if this is the case you are definitely not alone.

MC Squared can develop a corporate presentation for you, or develop a template that you can amend whether this be through such basic mechanisms as Powerpoint or through a custom built presentation, bringing together various rich-media elements of multimedia such as text, graphics, animation, photography, audio, 3D visuals, video and product demonstrations.

Quite often visual presentations are used now without a human presenter at such events like exhibitions and conferences whether these presentations be interactive or linear. MC Squared can develop and design a visual multimedia presentation not only to make a passing impact on your audience but also to draw them in. Whether this be a corporate video presentation on a large visual display or an interactive product demonstration via an interactive terminal/kiosk.

Not only can your presentation be presented it can also be distributed easily to the audience if required in an asynchronous format to be reviewed and referenced at a later time, whether this be by means of embedding it into a website or distributing it via email, DVD, CD or CD Business Card.

Supporting MC Squared New Media is our sister company MC Squared Video who are specialist professionals in video production, developing video projects and films for use not only for incorporation into visual presentations but also DVD, CD and CD Business Card. The MC Squared Video team are professional video production experts ensuring that the 'picture (video) does indeed speak a thousand words'.

MC2 New Media
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