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Communicate effectively with customers and
legally with an email marketing campaign

Online Marketing Services Utilising of Email

An effective email campaign and email management are effective ways to keep in contact with existing or new clients

Email Marketing

Email Campaigns and Strategies

Customised Email Design
and Email Stationery

Effective Email Campaigns by MC2 New Media

Email has over time become a necessary evil for us all - maybe we are exaggerating on that a little in it being evil – just ask yourself that if email was taken away from you what would be the cost in terms of time and finance on performance. However this isn't the case with all email, especially with the flood of unwanted 'spam' (unsolicited email) most people receive in their inbox everyday.

Due to ever increasing regulations and the implementation of email filters and email security to help manage and regulate the ‘spam’ problem, the use of email to either communicate with customers or market products and services has become more and more difficult. MC Squared can help you develop an efficient, cost-effective and ongoing email marketing strategy whilst ensuring you stay within the rules and regulations.

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