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MC Squared New Media Media Solutions
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MC Squared are a 'specialist' new media development agency specialising in solutions and development for internet, multimedia and online marketing.

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Multimedia Development

A multimedia solution may be utilised not only to make an impact but also reduce costs in that a standard can DVD store a large variety and amount of information e.g. company brochures, video, photographs, audio and product demonstration.

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MC2 New Media - Multimedia Development Services

In our experience the term 'multimedia' is so often misused and/or misinterpreted, whether this be commercially or professionally. Our own interpretation of multimedia is the combination of several media types in one application and/or media – so by this interpretation if we were to identify one of the most recognised forms of multimedia this would be that which utilises a combination of audio, moving image, still image and text.

The most recognisable development in multimedia over recent years has to be the development of interactive-Multimedia where the user actually controls their multimedia experience, examples of this may be interactive-TV, video games, DVDs, and certain websites.

Whether the multimedia solution developed by MC Squared needs to be interactive or linear (e.g. corporate presentation, power-point presentation) in form, we can develop a solution to fulfil the clients objectives and goals. Quite often the multimedia project is only defined by the form of media/medium it is distributed on, which may take the form of the internet, a DVD, interactive kiosk or memory stick.

A multimedia solution may be utilised not only to make an impact but also reduce costs, for example a standard DVD can also store a large variety and subsequently a large amount of information e.g. the content of several company brochures, company video, photographs, audio, product demonstrations.

Computer Based Training (CBT) like 'multimedia', is often the subject of a lot misinterpretation and misunderstanding in that some people perceive it as training on an ICT, IT or computer based subject. However through multimedia, MC Squared develop CBT solutions for clients utilising digital media to accommodate the training of individuals or groups on a variety of subjects.

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