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Make and Exhibition of Yourself,
Effective Use of Multimedia & New Media

MC2 New Media Assisting in Making an Impact at an Exhibition/Event

To truly create a lasting impression and impact at an exhibition and event, the effectiveness of the team presenting, the organisation/company and the offering/product/service is crucial, but so is the form and format of the overall exhibit. The foundation provided by an effective and attractive exhibit (see our associates at Icon Exhibitions and Display) both in design and construction can further be enhanced by the correct applications of multimedia and other forms of new media on the exhibit.

The implementation of the so called 'Silent Salesman' via interactive information terminals/kiosks can help to communicate and present information and raise awareness amongst the audience in an impressive , interactive yet relaxed and un-pressured manner, without a human representative present. In addition to this, the use of such multimedia devices along with visual presentations and videos can be used as a means of attracting visitors to the exhibit/stand.

We are sure that you may have experienced the swathe of different promotional items and materials available at an exhibition/event that leaves the visitor with a bag full of materials that they have to haul home, and then dispose of 75% of the materials that are of little or no interest or use. Added to this is the cost of producing these materials, storing them and transporting them let alone the environmental costs of producing the literature and materials. Whether it be brochures, catalogues, leaflets, manuals, flyers, videos, technical specifications, audio cds that are give out to visitors, customers and prospects, there is still a cost that can be avoided.

Instead of giving a prospect a huge pile of brochures and leaflets, you could give them one CD, DVD or CD-ROM business card, with ALL your information on. MC Squared can help you create a multimedia resource in the form of a CD, DVD, or CD-ROM for your business, which will make your company look more efficient, proactive and professional to that of your competitors.


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