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Fast Broadband Internet Access
Make an Impact Online With Rich Media

Internet & Web Development

Internet development is more than just designing and publishing a basic website. Professional businesses need a professionally developed Internet solution – not just a ‘website!’

Domain Registration and Strategy

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Internet Development

Microsites and Mini-Sites

Onlne Marketing

Online Surveys

Rich Media (online)

Search Engine Marketing -
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eCommerce and eBusiness

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Internet Development

Professional businesses need a professionally developed Internet solution – not just a ‘website!’ Internet development is more than just designing and publishing a basic website. Our aim is to develop a bespoke internet strategy to ensure the client’s internet presence matches the commercial needs of their business, based on their requirements and targets for the project -

The need for professional internet development not just website design.

MC2 Enhancing the Internet with Effective Rich Media

In this age of ‘high speed’ internet connections and the growing access to broadband, companies have been able to add more impressive features and services to their websites to make an impact on their online audience. You can now to do this without worrying about the effect on the download time.

MC Squared can integrate this so called ‘rich media’ into an internet presence, to enable you to utilise such elements as video, virtual environments, tours, 3D and simulations onto your web presence. This will convey information to your audience in a far more impressive and effective manner.

Streaming and Video

The internet has experienced an explosive growth of online video with the advent of such resources as YouTube and BBC iPlayer to name just two. The use of online video is not restricted to large organisations, however the techniques used for the implementation of online video are wide and varied. MC Squared can advise you on the best way to incorporate video into your overall online strategy and ultimately embed it into your web presence.

MC Squared Video (a sister company to MC Squared New Media) can assist in the production of professional video projects for use not only on the internet but through other media types such as DVD production. The team at MC Squared Video are professional video production experts ensuring that the 'picture (video) does indeed speak a thousand words'.

Virtual Environments/Tours

Virtual Environments & Tours can be created in order to give internet users a chance to immerse themselves into a situation by using a semi-realistic tour or simulation, in which the user can be given control as to what and how they wish to view.

Simulation - Simulation can be used to enable users to manipulate features in a virtual environment e.g. spin, rotate, change colour/pattern, switch on/off, open/close, which gives the user a far better perspective of the product or service to enhance their interest to the next stage in the buying cycle.

Online Virtual Publications

There are many arguments as to the reason why online/virtual publications have become so popular whether this be the environmental aspect, impact, space, time, distribution or the electronic revolution as a whole. Such publications are being used to deliver high impact messages to the desired audience that would usually be handled through a traditional print media (e.g. magazine). However, the benefit of the electronic publication is that you can utilise such rich media elements such as video and audio whilst maintaining the tradition of print media in that the document can still be printed.

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