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Promote Launch New Products and Services
Quickly and Cost Effectively With MC Squared

Launch a New Product or Service with MC2 New Media

The cost and expense involved in the development and marketing of a new product or service can be very costly. Through the application of various internet and multimedia solutions and services, MC Squared can help in the acceleration and promotion of a new product or service to a specific target market or a more generic customer base.

Through the use of various online and internet services, MC Squared can help you in reaching either a local or distributed audience group and make them aware and promote the new product or service with the use of such services as email-marketing, email campaigns and websites/microsites, along with the application of various online marketing techniques such as SEO (search engine optimisation), SES (search engine submission) and SEM search engine marketing.

In a similar manner offline marketing technologies can be used to maximise impact at an exhibition or through standalone multimedia solutions, whether this be a corporate video or a multimedia CD presentation or even a large visual display at an exhibition, trade show or in a reception area on an interactive kiosk/terminal.

MC2 New Media
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