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Is it Difficult to Promote and Demonstrate
Your Company, Product and/or Service
This Should Not Be The Case

MC2 New Media Effectively Conveying the Product/Service

Without having a store, showroom or being able to exhibit a product or service it is so difficult to demonstrate and promote the benefits to a potential customer and the market as a whole.

Through the use of various new media techniques and technologies it is possible to explain product and service benefits to a potential customer without the need for them to be in visual range or tangible contact with the product / service or even a sales representative.

The application of such rich-media and technologies as simulation, 3D, and video an environment can be created to expose the your market to the 'true' benefits of your product or service and make your client more aware and more likely to make an enquiry and/or positive buying decision.

Used in tandem with the rich-media mentioned above, new media technologies such as the internet, websites, DVD, CD and CD-business cards, can be used to promote the benefits of a product and service, and you easily pass these to the market and customer in an easy to handle, cost-effective and manageable form without the need for unnecessary costs such as those associated with the distribution, reproduction and storage of the likes of a promotional pack containing brochures, technical spec, video to name a few.


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