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Got a New Media, Internet Idea or Concept ?

Make it a Reality With MC Squared !

Making a Web Project or Internet Idea a Reality with MC2 New Media

The internet/web bubble (or even 'bubbles') may have been seen to have burst many years ago and many times over but even though there was a boom with the advent of internet and web technologies the industry and market is still evolving with many possible avenues to create the next big .com, just because the likes of Google, YouTube, Twitter, Ebay, MySpace are now phenomenal internet giants they weren't always so dominant and there are opportunities for more online ventures and ideas as the market and industry diversifies.

The unfortunate thing is that even though people have many good ideas very few are often realised and even if they are, some people are left to rue the chance of realising the idea as someone else pushes the idea forward and reaps the benefits. The stumbling blocks for such ideas seem to be one of two things (or a combination of the two), these are :

  • Lack of capital investment for starting the project
  • Lack of professional knowledge for starting the project or moving it forward

Often people either come direct to MC Squared or are referred to us with a view to developing a project with very little budget and/or new media knowledge and as such we look at the viability of the project/idea and see whether we can help, this may be in the form of one of the following for examples:

  • My company sells a unique and niche product successfully through mail order and distributing shops, however we want to sell it online but dont have a large budget and dont want to maintain a website.
  • I want to produce a training dvd for a niche market but I am restricted on budget.
  • I have a great idea for the internet and know the website will work but I have little budget and little knowledge of what to do next.

If its a viable idea using the internet, new media and/or multimedia MC Squared are happy to hear about it and potentially may find the way to partly subsidise financially and offer the specialist services to make the project a reality.


MC2 New Media
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