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Does Your Budget or Knowledge Restrict You
Getting Online and Launching Your Website?

Let MC Square New Media Help You

Worried About the Cost of Getting Online?

If you want to get your product, service, company or organisation online but have just seen it as an unnecessary expense, MC Squared can help. We can offer you assistance in building a website that fits in with your budget and your objectives.

One of the foundation elements we have introduced for clients who want a small but effective website is a solution (similar to the 'microsite') where there are no hidden costs and will get you online for £250 + vat, covering all of the development expenses for a year.

Just because your budget is restricted doesn’t mean that your company cannot go online. And please don’t make the mistake of many companies, who either try to develop their own site, or fall for any ‘FREE Web Site’ offers (www.scarpernet.co.uk). Your website could be the first image a customer has of your company, so make sure your website shows how professional you are in your field. You wouldn’t dream of producing a shabby corporate brochure because of the effect on your potential and existing clients - so don’t have an unprofessional website either!

If you want a professional internet presence building towards a more considered internet development in the future, but have a limited budget, MC Squared can provide a starter package to give you something cost-effective which will get you an online presence.


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