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So You Want to be Number 1 ?

MC Squared Can Help to Guarantee
That Number One Search Engine Position ?

MC2 Increasing Not Just Your Hits But Your Web Traffic

It still surprises us how many times a client comes to us requesting to be number 1 in the search engines as they believe this will guarantee them success online and guarantee increased web traffic and potential online customers. MC Squared can guarantee you that number one position but we cannot guarantee the traffic that the client perceives a number 1 position will bring them.

Anyone who promises you a number one position in the search engines without first analysing your objectives, your organisation and your market – then BEWARE. Being number one isnt the 'be all and end all', sure its a nice position to be in but whats number one worth if no-one searches for that term ... yes you have guessed it absolutely zip, nada, zilch, zero, nowt, nothing.

It is not just the ‘number of hits’ that matter, hits are often used as a 'cloak' to exaggerate performance. MC Squared is focussed on helping you to understand the statistics and will work with you to help improve site performance, or with a successful web presence, help you to maintain current performance levels.

MC Squared can develop a search engine marketing strategy for you, whether this be an ongoing strategy, a one off launch strategy or a repositioning strategy, but more importantly we will focus on the investigation first to maximise the effect of any deployment.

To assist in developing an effective internet presence and generating more traffic to a website, we develop search engine projects by applying techniques such as SES (search engine submission), SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), PPC (Pay Per Click) and Sponsored Linking, and Domain Name strategy.

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