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Going Online for the First Time?
Bad Web Designer Experience?
Been 'Ripped Off'?

Getting Your Company Online with MC2 New Media

A lot of people envisage getting online or commissioning a new website or internet presence a 'bit of a nightmare', but this need not be the case. It is quite often perceived in that getting online and developing the website will be very costly and times consuming either due to a restrictive budget or lack of knowledge.

More often than not negative thoughts about involving web-designers and internet developers come down to the fact that the company or organisation has had a bad experience previously and in our experience at MC2 this is understandable as we have heard of and experienced man such cases.

If you want to get your product, service, company or organisation online but see it as a hazardous and costly project speak to MC Squared first. We can not only offer you assistance in building a website that fits in with your budget and your objectives, but may also be able to project manage the development with another developer or designer on your behalf to help ensure you get a cost effective solution that meets your objectives and you dont end up being 'ripped-off'.

Just because your budget is restricted doesn’t mean that your company cannot go online MC2 can offer a starter website solutions allowing you to 'test the internet' before you develop a more comprehensive internet presence and find out whether such an investment will be cost effective. If you want a professional internet presence building towards a more considered internet development in the future, but have a limited budget, MC Squared can provide a starter package to give you something cost-effective which will get you an online presence.

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