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New Media an Effective Method to
Reduce Costs and Improve Profitability

Internet Development

Professional businesses need a professionally developed Internet solution – not just a ‘website!’ Internet development is more than just designing and publishing a basic website. Our aim is to develop a bespoke internet strategy to ensure the client’s internet presence matches the commercial needs of their business, based on their requirements and targets for the project -

The need for professional internet development not just website design.

Reducing Costs With The Help of MC2 New Media

In our experience MC Squared has applied various new media, multimedia and internet solutions, applications and technologies to a variety of industries and practices by which overall company and organisational costs have been reduced both in the short term and the long term. MC Squared aim to introduce new-media solutions that maximise profit and are cost effective giving you a profitable return on your investment.

For the purpose of securing a sale or new client a company can provide much information and as a result, 75% of the materials are then disposed of or ignored still at the expense of those trying to secure the 'sale'. Added to this is the cost of producing these materials, storing them and transporting them, as well as the environmental costs of producing the literature and materials. Just two key ways of reducing these unnecessary costs would be through the use of the internet and multimedia solutions.

At the high end of the scale you may have heard of the phrase 'clicks-and-mortar' rather than 'bricks and mortar'. Typically this was used in reference to established internet based businesses that expanded their business to a real-world high street presence or vice versa (i.e. a high street business expanding to the internet through a website). However at a time when some business may be struggling within the current financial climate, and subsequently looking to cut their 'high street' costs, MC Squared look to work with these organisations and how best to utilise online technologies in the implementation of an internet strategy. This will allow them to maintain their presence in the online transition being undertaken whether this be an e-commerce solution to facilitate sales online or to facilitate a supporting website to handle customer enquiries.

The basic method of reducing costs may be to provide company/organisation resources and information via a website, whether it be the availability of a brochure or catalogue in a downloadable pdf or even interactive publication. It need not stop there as the application of rich media may enable an product demonstration online via a video or interactive presentation, thus further saving costs otherwise spent on such elements as postage, storage and production.

You may also have experienced a deluge of marketing information and marketing materials from an exhibition/event and transporting them back to your office where they remain unread or unused. Yet this need not happen with the combination of materials in one simple yet effective multimedia resource, such as CD, DVD or CD-ROM business card. MC Squared can develop a multimedia resource for you, resulting in your company/organisation having more of a proactive and professional image than your competitors – but ultimately reducing your costs and the impact on the environment.


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