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Providing New Media Solutions
NOT Products - Focussed on the Needs
and Objectives of the Client

About MC Squared New Media

MC Squared New Media is a specialist New Media development agency developing Internet, Multimedia and Online Marketing solutions in an effective and cost effective manner.

About MC Squared

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Launching a New Product
or Service

The cost and expense involved in the development and marketing of a new product or service can be very expensive. Through the application of various internet and multimedia solutions and services, MC Squared can help in the acceleration and promotion of a new product or service to a specific target market or a more generic customer base -

Launching a New Product/Service?

The MC2 Approach and Ethos

The core approach and ethos of MC Squared New Media is to provide a solution. We strongly believe that each of the projects we undertake is specific to that client, their objectives and their goals.

This method of defining the solution and project around the individual needs and objectives of the client centres around the foundations of the company name 'MC Squared'. Much like Einstein's 2 theories of relativity (Special Relativity and General Relativity) where e=mc2 the new media solutions provided by MC Squared are relative to the sum parts of the individual project and the client.

Added to this, most if not all of the solutions MC Squared provide are 'electronic', e.g. e-commerce, e-media, e-newsletter, e-business, through the combination of Media, Communications (and a bit of technology) - the e is empowered/squared: e = mc2

We are not focussed primarily on providing a packaged service or product as this results in trying to fit a square peg into a round hole – with no true fit and objectives unmet. Each project is approached in a fresh and ethical manner from the 'ground up' and without hidden costs and restrictions on what will be applied.

The core aim is to provide a solution – not solely a product or service. In a clearly presented and ethical manner.




MC2 New Media
Hilton Hall, Hilton Lane, Essington, South Staffordshire, United Kingdom, WV11 2BQ
T: +44 (0) 8450 537 002  -  F: +44 (0) 1902 730 772 -  E: studio@mc2newmedia.com  -  W: www.mc2newmedia.co.uk