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Multimedia Solutions Making You Look -
More Efficient, Proactive and Professional

Also Reducing Costs & Environmental Impact

Reducing Promotional and Material Costs Through New Media Solutions With MC2 New Media

The requests for information from customers and potential clients alike are never ending with the purpose of securing a positive buying decision, whether this be as a result of a speculative phone call where information is requested in the post or an exhibition enquiry where a product demonstration is requested.

How is it known what specific information is required by the customer and in what form? A deluge of information is despatched to maximise the possibility of a sale e.g. leaving an exhibition/ event with a swathe of materials available that are transported back to the customers and as a result 75% of the materials are then disposed of or ignored still at the expense of those trying to secure the 'sale'. Added to this is the cost of producing these materials, storing them and transporting them let alone the environmental costs of producing the literature and materials.

The compilation of a multimedia resource that combines such documents as brochures, catalogues, manuals, videos, technical specifications can be combined in one resource in the form of a medium such as cd, dvd or cd-rom business card. MC Squared can develop a multimedia resource that ticks all of these boxes not online making your company/organisation look more efficient, proactive and professional than your competitors – but also possibly reduce costs and impact on the environment.


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