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MC Squared New Media
eCommerce and Selling Online

How To Sell Online, and eCommerce with MC2 New Media

Selling online is often seen by so many companies, organisations and individuals as a long, complex and expensive process – however this doesn't need to be the case.

Over the years MC Squared have facilitated the objectives and sales targets of many sales strategies through the use of e-commerce solutions to enable the cost effective and profitable distribution of a wide variety of products.

As with so many projects the budget of the client both in the short term and the long term is one of the governing factors as to how the project is developed. MC Squared is able to facilitate a development life cycle that not only facilitates the project budget but also gives true consideration to the clients timescales and objectives, whilst also keeping in mind the end-customer, product/service and target market.

Whether it be utilising such third party sales community e-commerce platforms such as Ebay, and Amazon marketplace, to utilising a commercially managed solution, such as an open source solution like osCommerce, Joomla, zenCart, or a packaged software platform like Actinic or a custom built solution, MC Squared can assist you to the level specified, from the management of the online store, to order processing, final payment processing and customer management.


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