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The Most Effective Business Card
for Training, Promotion, and Presentation

Multimedia Development

A multimedia solution may be utilised not only to make an impact but also reduce costs in that a standard can DVD store a large variety and amount of information e.g. company brochures, video, photographs, audio and product demonstration.

CBT - Computer Based Training

CD & DVD Business Card

DVD Development

Interactive Terminals/Kiosks

Visual & Corporate Presentations


Launching a New Product
or Service

The cost and expense involved in the development and marketing of a new product or service can be very expensive. Through the application of various internet and multimedia solutions and services, MC Squared can help in the acceleration and promotion of a new product or service to a specific target market or a more generic customer base -

Launching a New Product/Service ?

CD, CD-Business Cards & DVD-Business Cards from MC2

The growing requirement for DVD production does not necessarily mean that CD and CD/DVD business card development is obsolete. In some circumstances corporate CD development and CD business card development and production have an advantage over having a corporate DVD produced whether this be for training, promotion, presentation or another application.

Like DVD production the CD and CD business card can be utilised to store and present a comparatively large and varied amount of resources and media whether this be the content of several company brochures, product demonstrations, photographs, company video, audio.

MC Squared Video (a sister company to MC Squared New Media) can assist in the production of professional video projects for use not only on CD and CD Business Card but through other mediums like DVD and the internet. The team at MC Squared Video are professional video production experts ensuring that the 'picture (video) does indeed speak a thousand words'.

CD Business Cards experienced somewhat of a 'boom and bust' around 2002-2003 and were perceived as somewhat of a corporate gimmick, whether this be down to the poor quality of the physical CD at that time, the cost of of producing CD business cards or even the quality of the material on the actual card, with several organisations choosing to just copy their website to the CD.

MC Squared perceive the CD business card (and now DVD business card) to still be of great benefit to many organisations and individuals, and now the production quality has improved and the price of CD business card production has decreased dramatically. Still maintaining the size of the generic business card, how much of an impact would the exchange of a CD business card be - with a video presentation, electronic company brochure and contact details on the card - in contrast and/or combination with a traditional business card.

Adding to this CD and CD Business Card based multimedia is dynamic - bringing together text, graphics, photography, audio, 3D, video and most importantly user-interactivity, making DVD and multimedia ideal for many applications whether for training, promotion or presentation.

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