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Cost Effective Online Election Campaign Solutions

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Internet development is more than just designing and publishing a basic website. Professional businesses need a professionally developed Internet solution – not just a ‘website!’

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Internet Development

Professional businesses need a professionally developed Internet solution – not just a ‘website!’ Internet development is more than just designing and publishing a basic website. Our aim is to develop a bespoke internet strategy to ensure the client’s internet presence matches the commercial needs of their business, based on their requirements and targets for the project -

The need for professional internet development not just website design.

Cost of Election & Candidate Website from MC2

How many electoral candidates get recognised, let alone get their message heard?

How many candidates are limited to a set of A5 sized signs on lamposts displaying their surname and party?

And what of the 'lucky' candidates who can stretch the campaign budget to a flyer/newsletter - that is posted through the doors of potential voters by a weary team of supporters not only at cost to themsleves but the cost of time and ultimately the environment when the flyer finds itself housed in the waste paper bin.

To stand as a candidate for election often proves to be a very costly process not only in terms of time but also the production and distribution of promotional campaign materials to reach the electorate - whether this be in the terms of print materials (e.g. flyers, newsletters) and publicity resources (e.g local press), This is not only the case for those parties and individuals already elected and defending their seat but also for new candidates challenging to take the seat who probably dont have so many resources available to them for the campaign and ultimately independant candidates who frequently have the fewest resources.

As such to simplify the overall process MC squared have developed 3 election candidate web packages that will hopefully meet the needs of the candidate, their party and ultimate their electorate : the candidate election package, the canvassing election package, and the campaign election package.

MC Squared readily recognise the importance (not only in politics) for the ability to update the website and online campaign to address the news and questions raised, and as such all three of the main internet campaign packages we have developed ' Candidate', 'Canvasser', and 'Campaigner' come with an option for the candidate and/or members of their team to update the web presence on the majority of pages. The purpose of this may be to address a change in government policy, an opinion on world/UK/current affairs, a local event, campaign diary or even something as simple to answer a question or concern by one member of the electorate,

Presence Title Description Static Site
Price (£)
Editable Site Price(£)
Candidate Web Presence
more information
A 6 page internet presence introducing the candidate their viewpoint, opinions on the major issues and background information on the campaign. 600 825
500 700
a pre-election saving of
100 125
Canvassing Policy Presence
more information
A 12 page internet to highlight the policies, activities and whilst also introducing the candidate to their electorate for a common understanding. 1000 1450
800 1200
a pre-election saving of
200 250
Campaign Web Presence
more information
A 17 page web presence to not only introduce the candidate, policies and vision to the electorate, but also as a campaign tool to interact with the electorate. 1650 2100
1250 1600
a pre-electionsaving of
400 500

* All Prices Are Exclusive of VAT
** Please See Pricing Detail

Until the time when the date of the next General Election is confirmed
MC Squared are offering a substantial reduction on all electoral candidate web packages.

In light of the 2009 European elections and more importantly the ongoing investigations into MPs expenses we have been approached to work with several current and future candidates for local elections, european elections and general elections to produce a internet presence and subsequent website and online marketing campaign to assist them in communciation with their electorate and thus assist in their election campaign.

Even though in March 2007 it was announced that MPs had the allowance of up to £10,000 to boost "public understanding" of Parliament amongst their supporters and the electorate by means of a website for example, in general it still falls to the candidate and party to fund any campaigning, communication and marketing materials via means such as the internet. As such the relative transparency needed in developing an online campaigning strategy is all important and MC2 hopes to have closed of this circle with some straightforward online electoral campaign packages/options.

This is not only a question for those already elected for Parliament, European Parliament or Local Councils but an even tougher budgeting decision for the non-elected, prospective and opposition candidates looking to stand who may not have the financial resources available to them - not to mention the growing number of independant candidates who have even less resources to have themselves recognised let alone their policies heard by the general public.

In addition to the 3 standardised online election campaign solutions for candidates the candidate election package, the canvassing election package, and the campaign election package, there are a variety of other bespoke options and solutions to suit a particular candidate, camapign and/or party.

To find out more on how these online strategies can be adapted to assist with you with you election campaign,
please contact MC2 New Media on 0121 697 7000.


Commencement of project – determined by receipt of:
(i) requested project resources, (ii) purchase/project order (iii) 50% of total project fee
All print costs are subject to submissionof site copy and images by the client, PLUS sight of any customised final artwork.
All recurring services (e.g. hosting, domains, ongoing strategies) must be cancelled in writing at least 4 weeks prior to renewal.

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