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Unable to Fulfil Clients New Media Requirements
Due to Lack of Time, Budget or Expertise?

MC2 New Media Can Help if Your Clients Need New Media Solutions, But You Dont Have the Time, Budget or Expertise.

Many specialist agencies especially in the fields of marketing, PR, advertising and design, experience the requests from their clients for internet and multimedia solutions or the agency team identify the need for a new media solution. However due to the specialist expertise required, and the expense of having this knowledge in house, a lot of agencies choose to either dabble in a solution (with a sub-standard result), pay above the odds from another large agency or pass up the opportunity of the work with the possibility of losing the whole contract/project.

MC Squared openly admit we are not one of the large media, advertising and PR agencies – we are a specialist New Media consultancy and as such we have developed relationships with several large marketing, advertising, communication and design agencies, to provide specialist new media consultancy and development services to clients whilst maintaining individual identity.

MC Squared can provide the specialist New Media skill sets - either in the form of 'white label' services or on an open consultancy basis where the agencies' in-house team may not be able to fulfil clients requirements and objectives either down to a lack of time or specialist knowledge.

In establishing relationships with the larger agencies MC Squared have been given the opportunity to work on projects we would often not be able to bid for independently, and in some case the agencies would not have been able to either. However what has been quite clear is that work undertaken in this manner, profitability has been sustained for both parties and the end client received the best solution to their objectives, needs and targets.


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